Qcanter allows, through the electromagnetic and sound expression produced by smartphones,-modulated by means of discrete packages of Quantam – on some molecular components of wine an action similar to decantation to be induced. The technology behind the Qcanter app induces the selective oxidation of the tannins present in the wine and simultaneously the reduction (antioxidation) of all other polyphenols, slowing down the oxidative process. This allows you to achieve the taste of a wine that has decanted for a few hours in just 2-3 minutes, keeping as much as possible unchanged in the antioxidant characteristics of polyphenols. 

It  is therefore possible to maximize the beneficial properties of red wine by reducing the lapping component. 

As for white wine, the electromagnetic signals modulated by the app induce a selective oxidation of the sulphites, reducing their expression. 

Again, the technology works in a way similar to smartphone communications: the electromagnetic signal traveling through the air is modulated in order to convey the information of the voice. 

Especially surprising and fun is to let drinkers  taste the Qcantered wines and compare them  to the wines not (praised? decanted?) by the Qcanter app.  A playful atmosphere and a memorable experience is virtually guaranteed. 

Have you “Qcantered” your wine yet today?